Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, December 27

Today was much like other recent days, in that it involved a lot of shoveling and plowing. We weren't able to make it to Green Bay for church this morning, as we could not get plowed out because the inch or so of ice under the snow is making it near impossible to plow. Tomorrow we will head over tho the town hall to get sand mixed with salt to spread every where to make some traction in order to plow. Tony worked on a new logo for the Able Church and a brochure for Living Hope Church's new Megaruselum program. All of us watched a little football! Jen and Marceaux where in green bay and attended church and came back to Camp Daniel in the afternoon. Molly is in Eagle River with her parents still and spent the afternoon finalizing our plans for the booth at Evangelical Free's Youth Convention in Green Bay coming in 2 weeks.

Saturday, Jen and Marceaux had Christmas with Jen's family. John and Sue were (and are) still visiting their children in Minnesota. Tony, Karol and kids slept in and enjoyed a day off except for some snow plowing.

Christmas day at Camp Daniel involved lots of food and family. We had 35 (10 people weren't able to come) for a Christmas dinner homemade ravioli, mostaccioli alfredo and ham. We had a lot of fun visiting with Camp Daniel staff, friends and family. Molly and her parents made a heroing trip from and from Eagle River.

On Christmas eve, the Piantine clan went to church at Cornerstone Assembly of God in Athelstane, then ate and opened presents. All of the other Camp Daniel missionaries were out of town with their families.

Thursday the 23rd, Jen and Marceaux went to Green Bay to help the Mandiches with a meal outreach at a building downtown.

Last Tuesday, the Kelly's left on their roadtrip to Montana to celebrate Christmas with Tim's youngest sister and her family. Thankfully, their 24 hour drive was crisis free, (other than a few "are we there yet"s) which wasn't easy with Tim not being fully recovered from jet lag from his trip to Kenya. Tony and the guys spent the day in Green Bay helping prepare the sanctuary for the Christmas Eve service by building a stable and setting up lighting.

Last Monday Molly left to visit with her parents in Eagle River for about a week. Jen stopped by the Kelly's after work to work on both Tim and Chrissy's shoulders injuries. Then she did some paperwork for the Able Special Olympic basketball team. Marceaux led the Hartley House guys in a bible study on John chapters 4 & 5, then worked on a discipleship handbook that he's putting together.

On Sunday, the 20th, Molly and Jen stayed after Church with some of the girls from Able to bake Christmas cookies. The cookies were trayed up and given to the needy at the Thursday meal outreach. Marceaux and Tim Mandich put a hitch on Sally Kelly's (Tim's mom) van, so that they could pull a trailer to Montana. But really, the most important thing that happened on this day involved a Steeler victory over the Packers! Karol insists that the touchdown pass by Roethlesberger to win the game was a birthday present. Tony worked some more on the Camp Daniel website as well as on blogs for our missionaries.

Friday, December 18th, was the Able Christmas party. They presented a living nativity story and and Tim and Janice Mandich presented a christmas out reach . That service is a special one that's loved by everyone.

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