Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 14

Here's a picture of the Hartley House Christmas tree. We're all ready for Christmas at Camp Daniel, snow and all. Since our last blog, it feels as though it's been all about printing. Printing problems, that is. All day Thursday and Friday were spent buying ink of every imaginable variety, dusting off old printers, and trying everything we could think of to get the two sided picture page for the newsletter done. And if the printers weren't being temperamental enough, the computers starting acting up as well. After much frustration, we did get all 800 pages printed, inserted into the newsletter, and mailed out. What a relief! Now we're extra appreciative of the fact that Molly got the campers' Christmas cards done early.

Marceaux's been quite busy as well. It seems like as one vehicle is fixed, another breaks down. He's been doing a great job of keeping on top of it. We're very blessed to have those mechanic's hands here at Camp Daniel.

Chrissy called last week and asked Tony to bring over a dryer that was in the garage and replace the one that she was using. He got it over there and got it going, then found out that the washer was spinning the clothes at all. She had clothes hanging all over the house so that her family could have clean and dry clothes to wear. After the printing issues were settled, Tony and the guys brought over a washing machine and switched it out. (Of course, even the simplest of plumbing jobs involves and bucket and many a towel)

Karol has been working on the new signs for the Christmas gift shop at Camp Daniel. It's been renamed, North Pole Gifts.

It's snowing lightly this morning, so shoveling has commenced.

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