Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, December 17

News from Camp Daniel:

Molly will be helping out the Weidner family this winter. Micah and Sabrina Weidner, and their kids Elijah and Lydia, are part of the summer camp staff, and really, just part of the Camp Daniel family. Sabrina works full-time at a school working with kids with disabilities, and Micah is in his last year of schooling to teach the visually impaired. For the upcoming semester (which is Micah's last), he has to be in Milwaukee, leaving the family in Luxemburg. Lydia is two, Elijah, whom as down syndrome, is 5, and Sabrina whom is pregnant, could use some help with dad away. So Molly will be staying with Sabrina and kids for 3 days a week starting in January, helping out in whatever way is needed. Molly is really excited to be able to serve, and I'm sure that the Weidners are anxious for the love and quality of help that Molly will bring.

Yesterday, Sue Koch took Brian, Richard and DJ to the Piggly Wiggly in Crivitz to ring the Salvation Army Bell. This is the third year in a row that the guys have volunteered a shift during the holiday season. Afterwards, all the guys and John and Sue had dinner together, then made Christmas cookies. It was a special evening for them all.

Speaking of special evenings...The Camp Daniel missionaries went on a Christmas outing Monday evening. We all met at the China Buffet in Green Bay, then went together to the Meyer Theater, downtown. We enjoyed a free Christmas concert put on by the Allouez Village Band. We all had a great time, and found the quality time together to be worth the snowy drive home!

The whole of Tuesday morning was flew by during our weekly "family meeting." Among many other things, we discussed the future of Able Church; what makes a church, a church; how to do the Able Church in a new location; what is the goal of Able Church, and many other questions not to be answered in one sitting. The Able Church is so revolutionary, that much thought and discussion go into most every aspect. Nothing is taken for granted or assumed. This whole subject is far from closed.

Tuesday night, of course, involved Able Family Night. The Able Attack basketball team played a scrimmage game against Aspiro, then it was back to Living Hope Church for pizza dinner and bible study.

As we speak, Tim and Mike are on their way home from Africa. Chrissy and the kids are anxious to pick Tim up tomorrow. If you haven't yet, you should read the blog about the trip. The link is at the top of this page, on the left. But, hey, finish this one first!

Speaking of blogs, Tony's been working on building one for Marceaux. Details forthcoming. Tony also spent time today hooking up the heater in the basement of the craft cabin. This will be more efficient and will heat up the cold tile floor in Molly and Jen's bathroom. Tony spent much of Wednesday at church meeting with a number of different people.

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