Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday, January 12

We're hoping to purchase the below pictured vehicle. It's a Dodge Sprinter. Tony's had his heart on one for quite a while, because it's such a great fit for our needs. It's a turbo diesel, so it get great gas mileage for it's size, which is large. This one has seating for 9, plus an additional 8' in the back where we can install a wheelchair lift and a couple of tie downs. The ceiling is raised to accommodate standing room. The van, which type is hard to come by, is available thru a dealer in Green Bay. Lucas, from LHC, works at the dealership and is helping us out. We recently rec'd a donation of a large dump truck (requiring a CDL to drive) so Lucas is trying to sell that for us so that we can get closer to affording the van. As you probably know, Camp Daniel doesn't take on any debt, so we need the entire purchase amount up front. If you're familiar at all with the chaos that is driving people around here, you'll appreciate how needed a vehicle is that can accommodate more than 7. We often have to take multiple vehicles to church, Able events, etc.
This past weekend, many of us took turns running a booth for Camp Daniel at an Evangelical Free youth conference in Green Bay. Molly and her parents have been involved for many years, so Molly suggested that we could advertise to get counselors there. We were one of about 30 booths, ranging from camps, to colleges to Compassion Int'l, to books for sale. We made small brochures and stapled them to individually wrapped cookies and let the kids take them. We gave out about a thousand. There were about 3,000 kids there. We also had a few sign up for add'l information. We'll be following up with those people, plus all of the youth pastors that were participating in the weekend's activities. Of course, we saw the Three Lakes E-Free group, led by Eli, there. We're hoping to get one youth group interested in a Camp Daniel missions trip.
Otherwise, Jen and Marceaux have been doing a lot of visiting of campers lately. Marceaux always seems to have some vehicle that needs something done. Right now its the plow truck. Some switch went out on the 4 wheel drive. It's extremely difficult to plow in 2 wheel, especially with all of the ice we've had. Gotta love it.
Tim and the guys have been working in the dorms putting up insulation. The goal is to get the one dorm all drywalled, then blow in insulation, so that we can heat the building. There are workdays planned for the 13, 20, 27 of February, that will be centered around the one dorm.

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