Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 25

Well, during the winter, there's not much in the way of physical work to put on the blog, so I thought I'd share Annissa's 13th birthday bedroom redo. Well, what's been done so far anyways.
This is her room before. This is the "inspiration". Bedding we found online. The background is chocolate brown, but you can't see it in the pic.
Who doesn't like an orange ceiling?

The walls and edge of the ceiling are an off white. The teal border is wallpaper that was already there, it just matched the light blue of the walls and ceiling before. Now it definitely pops. My neck was "popping" after painting that!

In addition to the teal and orange, we bought purple and an olivey-limey green. (if crayola made that color, I'm sure it'd have a better name) We decided on stripes. (There's stripes on the reverse of the comforter and the little pillow. see pic above) The silver and yellow contraption in the foreground is a laser lever thing. You adjust it til it's level, set the height and a red laser light spins around the room perfectly level. I used that line to apply the blue painter's tape. This job would have taken about 3 times as long without it. (Actually, now that I think about it, the job wouldn't have even been tackled without it!)

Here's Annissa applying coat 2 of 3 in the purple. Only a true fashionista wears clothes to match the paint job!
Here's a closer shot before it was done. A purple stripe is now adjacent to the orange.

After we moved the furniture back.
There's still much to do. Annissa wants her name painted above the closet doors. The closet doors still need to be painted. An upholstered headboard and a scrapbooking paper bulletin board are also on the to do list. Annissa is very excited with the results thus far, and will surely keep on me until it's all done. I'll be sure to show you some pics when we get further along.

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