Monday, September 23, 2013

The First Day of Fall

Autumn is here! So is the start of the Special Olympics volleyball and bowling season! The Able Attack team started their practice on the tenth. The bowlers go to The Gutter on Lineville Road and the volleyball players practice at the Able Church. However, on the tenth, everybody met at a park after practice and had their annual picnic!

Speaking of picnics, we had our annual counselor appreciation picnic here at Camp Daniel on the fourteenth! It was great! A lot of people showed up and had a lot of fun. There was chili, corn on the cob, cake, raffles, and tours! After the picnic was done, some people stuck around for our first monthly counselor meeting. We will be having these meetings on the second Saturday of every month.

Now that Steve and Nick are moved in, we have been keeping them busy! One of the projects they have been working on is painting the Shopko semi-trailer green with Marceaux. It's looking really good!

Tony and Karol have been working on the craft cabin and decorating the inside of it.

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