Monday, September 30, 2013


We had a work day on Saturday! We had a lot of projects for them to do and got them working right when they got here! On Friday night, Jen brought Amanda Schuessler, Sarah Braun, Amy Biese, and Crystal Johnson back home with her. On Saturday morning they came to camp. Amy Biese watched MJ all day so Jen and Marceaux could go work with everybody else. She had a lot of fun, and so did MJ!

The first thing that Amanda, Sarah, and Crystal did was team up with Jen and Molly and removed all of the plastic covering the walls in the Trapline Lodge. That plastic was there because Karol stained the floors in the now "Bobcat Room".

 Looks Great!!

Fran Schmitz also came up for the workday! He worked with Brian in the Trapline lodge in the workout room and put up trim along the walls and around the doors and windows. After that, he installed some curtain rods and shelves.

Everybody was here all day, which means that somebody had to make lunch. Well, Karol, Jen, and Molly helped out with that! They made brats, sautéed mushrooms and onions, there was potato salad, grapes, green beans, chips, and ice cream for dessert. It was delicious!

After lunch, the girls teamed up with Don Richmond and Rudie Koch with sanding the nurses trailer so it can get painted. They were at this for a long time. By the time they were done, the had paint flecks all over them!

Tony, Steve, Nick Sterry, Richard, and Nick were in the add-on of the garage putting up insulation and drywall. 

Now who took all of these pictures? Justin. He went around all day taking pictures of everything that was going on so tha they could go in the blog and on Facebook.

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