Sunday, February 23, 2014

All the Other Stuff

So often people ask what we missionaries do when it’s not camp season.  When asked this, I often stutter a bit because there’s so much and it’s so varied, that I don’t know where to start.  This blog generally highlights the physical improvements on the Camp Daniel campus which is a great way to keep everyone updated on the exciting progress. But, to be honest, I cannot bear to post too many more pics of the dorm room progress.  By this point, we are on the last two rooms of 8.  Until we add color to the floors, they all look alike!  The excitement now is that when we finish things like the ceilings or the tongue and groove we know that we are done with that forever (in the shape and form of the dorms, of course).  Because of all these things, this blog will focus more on the wide variety of things going on behind the closed doors of a snowy blustery day at Camp Daniel.

For Trish, planning, preparing and cleaning for the meals of all the work days, is a large job.  She does a great job of keeping costs low by using as much food that we have on hand as possible.  She also keeps the snack stand clean and organized.
As with the other missionaries at Camp Daniel, a lot of time is spent driving back and forth to Marinette and Green Bay for Able Church and Special Olympics.  Trish is preparing for coaching in Marinette for track and field.  She also goes to a bible study with Jake Wartenweiler (lives in Brunot House with the Bury’s) each Wednesday.  They, and the Bury’s have been working hard at relationships in the Marinette area, in hopes of starting an Able Church there in the near future.
Another thing that Trish is in charge of is the landscaping on the grounds.  Of course, many an hour has been spent plowing and snowplowing.  And when those things are done, Trish will often study her gardening books.  All of this is new, and Trish has been a great gardening student.  I’m not sure if looking at green grass and flowers helps her feel that spring is closer or farther away!

Molly also has a wide variety of tasks each week.  She is in charge of worship for Able Church, and with a rotating group of worship leaders, that’s a lot of organization.  Molly also leads the Able Family Night girl’s Bible study each Tuesday.  Camp Daniel sends birthday card out to each camper from the previous summer.  Molly is in charge of writing all of the those and making sure that they get mailed out in a timely manner.  Molly has taken over as the lead person for the Able Attack Special Olympics team.  Aside from going to practices and tournaments, she must make sure that all forms are in on time, that we have uniforms for everyone, that everyone has a ride.  Plus, she washes the uniforms between games.  Molly also cleans the office each week.

In recent months, Justin has been focusing on  personal issues, but he’s recently been getting back at some of the computer things that he enjoys.  Molly’s computer crashed.  He completely disassembled it, and is currently getting the parts needed to retrieve all of the data.  Then he is hoping to be able to reassemble it.

The interns, Steve and Nick have been on snow removal duty and even shoveled off 4 different roofs last week!  (none of which were at Camp Daniel.  All of our roofs are metal, so the snow slides off in an avalanche-type fashion)  They’ve been working hard trying to finish the tongue and groove in the last dorm room.  Just one small part left!  They are the coaches for the Able Attack Special Olympics basketball team.  And they’ve been doing a great job.  They have both taken unofficial leadership roles in the youth group here in Crivitz, each Wednesday night.

Tim Mandich, as the pastor of the Able Church, spends a lot of time leading his flock in everyday life things.  He’s a real pastor to those that are a part of Able.  Every week, he’s visiting someone in the hospital, taking another do a doctor appointment, talking out personal issues of another; and the list goes on.   He also mentors Jesse Towne, as a preacher at Able.  In between all those things, he must also prepare for Tuesday Bible studies and Friday sermons.  As the pastor of Able, he is also a pastor at Living Hope Church and attends meetings in that role as well.

Little Tony is always working on relationships with an array of people,  including our staff, pastors at Living Hope Church, other ministers in disability ministry, camp guest speakers, friends, Camp Daniel residents, etc.    This winter he has spent many hours working on the new website.  He’s needed to choose and upload all new photos, and write all new copy.  The website will include much more than the current one.  He is working with Tim Bazet-Jones on this, and they hope to have it up soon.  Tony and Karol have been working a lot on camp.  Applications were revamped and printed for this year.  The massive mailing went out, but each week Karol still emails and mails copies of the apps to those requesting.  The logo is done and the theme established, so Tony is always searching for items to decorate the chapel with.  Karol has been working to get the crafts done before spring hits, and she’s been working on the numerous other camp mailings that go out each year.  She often complains that keeping enough food in the house for Richard, Brian, Nick, Nick, Steve, Justin, Tony, Anthony and Annissa is a major job in and of itself!  Plus, no one enjoys balancing 6 checkbooks, and paying all those bills.

Really, there’s lots more, but no one will probably want to read any further than this.  Just wanted to give a more well rounded view of everyday life here at Camp Daniel.

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