Friday, March 14, 2014

Breaking Ground on New Multi-Purpose Building!

 I am so glad to be able to finally announce that we have broken ground on the new multi-purpose/garage at Camp Daniel!!  The process for this building started well over a year ago with a floor plan by Karol and Tony.  The journey has brought us into contact with builders, architects, contractors and inspectors.  We were introduced to Frontier Builders, of Kaukauna, and they have been instrumental in bringing it all together and at a price that we can afford.  Permit holdups and the worst winter in recent history had joined forces, causing a 90 day delay in construction.  So when the equipment starting rolling in on Monday, we were very excited.  First job; snow removal.
 Then they got down to the real excavating.  The ground wasn’t frozen as far down as one would have thought (I would have guessed at least a mile and a half!)
 That excavator would have made Mike Mulligan proud.  In no time, the guys were putting in the forms for the footings.
Yesterday and today they poured concrete.  It was a very different feeling to have a cement truck roll up and not have all of our missionaries around, in rubber boots, with shovel in hand.  I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened!

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