Friday, March 28, 2014

Concrete in the snow

 I really just feel bad for this concrete crew.  They worked in Rhinelander all winter, through sub zero and snow; afterwards, they started here, and the weather hasn’t improved much, even though the calendar insists that it’s spring.  We got about 4 more inches of the wet heavy snow last night.  In the pic above, you can see where they have finished the tall walls, and have dug the footings for the front wall.  The concrete is mixed with hot water, and steams as it comes out of the truck.
 In the photo above, they have everything poured, and the insulation on .  The picture below is the tall wall.  After it was poured and the forms removed, they paint a black tar-like membrane on the concrete.  Then it’s covered in plastic, and the pic polystyrene goes over all that.
 This picture ws taken this morning.  The excavator is back filling the footings.  This crew will be done within the next day or so, and the framing crew will then start.
 While the professionals work on the new building, we’ve been working on the finishing details of Trapline Lodge.  Karol finished the logos in the 4 bathrooms.  Next will be the paw prints.

The guys have been trimming, installing door knobs, filling nail holes (which seems to be never ending).  Dave Dettloff was here and got the stall doors up in two of the baths.  So we’re really moving along.  Main things left are the last 2 floors (waiting for warm weather) and the finish plumbing.  Of course, in between those things, there always seems to be shoveling!

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