Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1

The time has just flown by since camp ended. Jim and Rhonette Hukill stayed at Camp Daniel for 4 days after camp, then we all helped out with the Extreme Home Makeover Concert in Green Bay on Friday. The Saturday after camp all of the staff went to the Renaissance Faire in Bristol. We went for fun and Tony wanted everyone to experience the thoroughly immersive themed environment that you experience there. It's what we want our theme days/meals at camp to be like. As staff, we should be committed to our characters and themes. Like we'd be a cowboy weather everyone else were there or not. We got back to normal work after that. Tim and the guys started preparing the dorms for the work to be done this fall and winter. Jen, Marceaux, Karol and Tony went up north to Tony's family cabin for three days as a time to get to know one another better. This week Tony started mortar work. In the pic below, he's working on the new sign at the entrance to Camp Daniel (the old wood one rotted and fell down last fall. The sign has been on a temporary holder, as you can see in the picture) All of the block will be covered with cultured stone. We ran out of corners, so it'll get done in the coming days.
The guys have been working in the men's dorm (Trapline Lodge) getting ready for winter. They've been insulating one bathroom and one dorm room. When the insulation is done, Tim will help them drywall the ceiling (or lid, as Tim refers to them). Then these two rooms will be the new work room. We are currently using a room in the other dorm (Lakeside Lodge) for this purpose, but we want to finish all of the room in that dorm, so all the stuff has to be moved. Both dorms will be heated this winter, which will enable work all year! Just think, warm and toasty work days! How can you pass that up! We'll be looking to see you all in January.

This is the dorm room. It just has plastic because after the "lids" are on, Tim will blow in the insulation instead of using blanket insulation. Tony also did mortar work on the bocce court. He had to add concrete block on the ends to match the heights. Then he put cultured stone on all of the block work, which covers three sides of the court.

Monday and Tuesday Tim used the excavator to dig large holes for the propane tanks that will service the two dorms. We're happy to have these out of sight as they are an eyesore that's hard to hide.

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