Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!  It has been a relaxing Christmas week at Camp Daniel.  Steve Rickerson, went to IL for the holidays.  Molly and Justin were at his family’s for Christmas, then spent the last week in Eagle River with Molly’s folks.  Jen and Marceaux spent a few days in Green Bay with Jen’s family.  And Nick Sterry spent about 5 days with his family in the Milwaukee area.  Also in southern Wisconsin was Trish who went to visit family.  She also spent a few days with her cousin whom was in the hospital for several days around Christmas.  Tony and Karol had a relaxing time at home with family.

But now it’s back to work!  The guys burned the burn pile this week.  The leaves are still smoldering, even in this cold!
Last week, we had a perc test done for the building permit for the new garage/multi-purpose building.  The test went well, and we are now waiting for the permits.  When that step is done, the excavator will break ground.  We are hoping that will happen within the next week and a half.

Tony has been working on the new website.  It’s an overwhelming job that includes hunting down good photos, writing all the copy, and just organizing how the website will be laid out.  He is working closely with Tim Bazet-Jones on this.

The Factory (craft cabin) is awaiting tables and chairs, and will then be officially finished.  Many photos will follow.  Karol and Tony have also started working on the new applications for this year’s camp.

Dave Dettloff was here today working on the stalls and trim work in the dorm bathrooms.  The guys have been sanding the woodwork and puttying the holes.

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