Sunday, January 26, 2014

Able Church Retreat 2014

 The Able Church Retreat was this past weekend.  There were 57 people in attendance, including the Camp Daniel staff.  Although the weather was very cold, everyone still had a lot of fun.
 Everyone came to camp after the Able Church’s Friday night service.  Saturday started with breakfast, chapel service, and small group sessions.  After lunch, we played some indoor group games.
 Everyone fit at the 3 rows of tables that were squeezed into the Hartley House dining and living room.  Saturday night we enjoyed a showing of Despicable Me 2 in a large screen.
 During our free time on Saturday, we usually play some outdoor games and have a bonfire, but the wind chill was too cold, so we played video games and board games in the Hartley House, and did crafts in the Factory.  Karol and Tony were excited to see the Factory finally be used for group crafts.
 The above pic is from the Sunday morning chapel service.
Things don’t often go off without a hitch.  In the pic above, the intern, Nick Sterry was earning some stripes by unclogging a toilet with a toilet snake.  His resume is growing each day!  Next to him, Tony was switching out the outlet above the sink.  (No the problems didn’t occur at the same time. )

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