Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Factory

 The Factory is finally complete!  After untold hours of painting, hanging, distressing, and scouring for gears, the Factory is ready to provide a fun place for creativity.

This building is original to the Camp Daniel grounds.  It was used by the Salvation Army as officers’ barracks.  When Camp Daniel purchased the property, it was a two bedroom cabin with bathroom.  In the years since, 8 people have lived in it, including Tony Sr and Jo and most recently, Jen and Marceaux.  After the Bury’s moved into the Brunot house, the flooring was replaced and then the decorating began.

Karol has coined the theme “Industrial Revolution meets Steampunk”.  When she and Tony started gathering items for the space, they didn’t really know what it was going to look like.  Actually, they were pretty far in before it really came together and had the feel of what Karol had envisioned.

The exterior gets you ready for the inside with a creative sign (not shown here) that says “The Factory”, all in tools and gears.  The door (which was featured in a previous blog) is etched with gears.  It gives the look without blocking light or the view.

To the left you can see part of the long bank of  contemporary black cabinets with aggregate exposed concrete countertops.  Also has an oven and micro that have been given rusty metal treatment.  The long counter area also features a desk area and lots of shelving for storage (not shown)

 The north wall features an old Chicago brick wall and vintage wood door to the crafting closet.  Above it is a wood deck that holds some of the old cases of crafting items sent to the Factory, including paint brushes, crayons, canvas and glue.

 Also on this wall is a bank of contemporary black cabinets, which were donated to Camp Daniel.  They were white, so Karol used countertop paint to get a clean black finish.
The ceiling has two industrial style fans powered by a series of gears and cogs.
 The ceiling has the center flat area that’s black and features the gears and fans.  On either side of that area is angled drywall ceiling.  Those areas have collage of old and new industrial parts and crafting items.  The east wall, shown above has a mix of contemporary (in the “crafts” vinyl), industrial (bike wheels, t-square, etc) and crafty (paint brushes, origami directions and crayon display)
East wall with aged brick and contemporary creativity sign in an old frame painted glossy black.
Southeast corner.  The south wall is covered in old corrugated tin with just the right amount of rust.  Above the vintage typewriter display is a conveyor system of paint brushes.
Same corner, but from farther away.  The  vinyl planked floor is in a distressed barn board finish.

The other angled ceiling features 18” letters in gloss black.  Above is a graphic display of vintage yard sticks (thank you St. Vinnie’s!).  To the left of that are two black frames.  One has a display of Factory watercolor paint tubes, and the other paint brushes.  Hanging from the uppermost beam is a conveyor with Factory labeled gallon paint cans

Above the sliding glass doors is a marquee with “The Factory” in tool letters.  A working vintage oscillating fan has been mounted next to the wall heater.  To the right of the heater area you can just see the old metal locker bins in their cubbies.

There’s many more fun details, that I just couldn’t fit in the blog.  So I suggest that you come to Camp Daniel for a visit and then you can see it all for yourself!

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