Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday, July 3

This is a pic of the previously mentioned south exterior landscaping. Today, Tim built this sink cabinet from scratch and poured the concrete countertop.
After doing some camp work in the office this morning, Little Tony and the guys knocked down the old cement block stairwell walls, then begun to lay the block for the new stairwell, which will be turned 90 degrees from the prior.

Yesterday, Little Tony, Tim and the guys laid the cement block wall, which will be part of the bocce court.

Of course, there's lots of water going on to help along the sod and seed.
Jen, Marceaux, Sue and John had Able Fellowship tonight.
Karol did some major shopping for camp today on her way home from Milwaukee.
Molly McMurry came today to be camp intern again this summer!

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