Monday, July 6, 2009

Saturday July 4 & Sunday July 5

7 am on Saturday the cement mixer was already going and the Camp Daniel workers were hard at it. Little Tony and the guys faced the short retaining wall for the bocce court with rock. Karol worked on camp stuff. At about 3, the Kelly's, Jen, Marceaux, the LeClaires and the Cleereman's all met at camp for a Fourth of July picnic. Below you can see many anxiously awaiting the next batch of funnel cakes that Kitt made. Yum! In the afternoon, all of the kids went tubing. Super thanks to Tim Mandich for letting Camp Daniel use is boat for the summer. Everyone had a lot of fun. Below is DJ at the end of his run.

After dinner, we all watched the fireworks on the lake and set off a few of our own.
Sunday, everyone was busy at Mega.

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