Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

This week is flying by as loose ends are being tied up on the grounds. The Hope Youth group from Chicago will be here with 35 people working the week between the camps. Many preparations have to be in place for them to do all the work they plan to. Also camp is starting on Sunday so we are packing,planning, and working hard to get everything in place for it.
Tim finished the concrete countertops. He ground them smooth, cleaned them, and put on two coats of sealer. He touched up the , plaster, paint and grouted. They look fabulous! He also installed the kitchen sink, and remaining light fixtures. He had the guys help him bring the major appliances into the Craft Cabin. They still need to be installed. Tim also spent time fixing the shower in the small bath of the craft cabin, which is the last of the original leaky plumbing. Tim and the guys cleaned up all of the tools that were in the craft cabin, and final cleaning is taking place now. Jen came home and has worked hard at washing down all the construction dust.
Little Tony has had a busy week trying to finish things on the grounds and work on preperations for camp. He's had to return a lot of calls from campers and counselors, and make sure that all will run smooth come Sunday. It's been a lot of work just keeping all of the sod and seed watered. Pastor John got a pump to water the lawn, which Tony spent much time setting up and piping. It has been a dry summer, with very little rain since spring. Little Tony and the guys backfilled against the bocce court walls and installed cultured stone on them. They used the skidsteer as much as they could, until Rick Bub had to come to pick it up. A big thank you to Rick and Carol Bub for the donation of 2 weeks of using the skidsteer, what a blessing!
Tuesday, Little Tony and Karol were in Green Bay for a 14-Hour-Power-Shopping-For-Camp-Day (including a 2 hour mega meeting) While they were gone, Molly was busy getting a lot of paperwork done for camp. Schedules, sign-up sheets, etc. Papa Tony has been getting together all the paperwork and finances for camp and working with Jo to get the merchandise for the store in order and tagged. Jo has also cleaned all of the nursing gear, packed and shopped for all the nursing needs into the nurses trailer.
On Monday, Molly and Karol went thru a bunch of camp supplies and started loading a trailer. More of that was done on Wednesday. Sabrina and Micah Wiedner came to Camp Daniel today to get together craft supplies for the kids program at camp.
Big Anthony DiBiase got lessons from little Tony on the tractor. He filled the hydrolic fluids, coolant and diesel before digging up the topsoil hill that will be spread by the youth group. Anthony also did a little mechanic work today, filling the tractor with hydraulic fluid.
Chrissy has been working hard organizing, preparing and finding volunteers for the kitchen. Also we ask for your prayer as e await word on a grant for new radios that Chrissy wrote.
Pastor John and Jen have been preparing for the chapels, as well as Able Church. Pastor John has been organizing his costumes for the theme nights also.

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