Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday June 30

Today Little Tony, the guys and Karol laid two more pallets of sod. They extended the previously laid area by the lake. Little Tony had to use the skidsteer to turn the dirt in some areas, then fresh top soil was spread over the areas and smoothed. They also added top soil and smoothed all of the areas behind and on the side of the Craft Cabin. On the edges of all the above mentioned areas dirt was feathered out to blend with the adjoining areas and then grass seed was spread on all of the exposed dirt. It started raining too hard, so the guys had to quit at about 5 o'clock.
Chrissy and Karol spend the entire afternoon preparing the food order for the first week of camp.
At the church picnic last Sunday, a woman (who is quite the gardener) offered Camp Daniel a bunch of plants, as she was rearranging her gardens. Jo went to Sandra Miller's to get the plants. Well, even with the seats down in the van, it still took her two trips! She even got enough sliced log stepping "stones" for the new garden by the Craft Cabin. (In previous pictures, it's covered in mulch) There wasn't enough time to get them in the ground, so Jo watered them all and covered many of them in the mulch to keep them from stressing out.

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