Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26

Jen's week: She worked on her newsletter on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Printer problems made her task harder than anticipated! With the wedding not too far off, she's been doing "wedding stuff" like dress fitting, cake decisions, etc. Jen also fit in doing therapy on Sue's neck and Nick's knee. And the funnest thing of the week must have been starting her taxes.

Marceaux's week: Marceaux started a job working with the census. He been working everyday, and in his freetime, he worked on the old van with the wheelchair lift, trying to get that running again. He also did work on John's van and Jen's car.

Karol's week: She edited the working draft of the Camp Daniel newsletter. She also started painting the exterior signs for the gift shop. Thus far; primer, two coats of green and first coat of yellow lettering. Two more coats of yellow to go and a few coats of a white directional arrow on each. She took advantage of nice weather and cut back the remaining plants from last year that were all around the Hartley House. She sewed a cushion for a thrift shop chair and cleaned up the wood on it. (I'll post a pic after the finishing touches are done)

Tony's week: He just found out that he was successful in acquiring, from a church in Ohio, a used commercial quality camera for making videos.
He worked on the sound system for camp. Every cord, wire, sound board, video, etc, were brought out, checked and reorganized. He sold some old equipment on ebay and at a sound store in Green Bay. He made a camera for the Two Night Show with Georgie Pongerins so that we can get a few more countries on our outgoing satellite feed.

Tim's week: He fixed the exterior siding on the girl's dorm. There was a section that didn't get attached properly. He finished the last (top) row of tongue and groove in room one of the dorm, and started to apply the polyurethane finish that he picked up in Green Bay on Wednesday, along with stain and supplies needed for upcoming workdays. He also picked up some tiles from Menard's and went over the prospects with Tony and Karol. There were also decisions made regarding the flooring, and many other finishes in the dorms.

Tony and Jo are coming home from Florida today.
Molly had a birthday on Thursday!!
John went out to Minnesota to address some issues on their new house, and Sue's been working. She took the guys to the library on Thursday.

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