Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 14 2010

Here are the highlights of this week. We were able to pick a non-rainy day to pour concrete. We got one load of 7 yards, which completed the path to the blacktop in front of John and Sue's. It was a monumental occasion. When we started the concrete in front of the Hartley House however many years ago that was, it seemed at the time that it would be forever to get to the blacktop. Our concrete crew was on the ball this time. I think we've hit our stride. The driver even complimented us on our speediness. In the pic below, you can see the concrete touching the blacktop. yea!! We also started a secondary path (3' wide, instead of 8') that will connect to the stairs that will lead to the dorms. The plan is to have the Our Lady Youth Group do that project next summer.
In the shot below, you can see the existing stairs that lead up the hill. The new stairs will be in the general area, but leading to the left as it goes up.

The Craft Cabin, shown below had a lot of exterior work done again this week. The roof was finished on the right, and the wall brought up to it. Soffit and facia work was done. It looks pretty crazy right now, but trust me, it'll all make sense in the end.
the overhang on the right will be utilitarian. There's a faucet and just plain storage area.
this is the backside of the building. since it's set against the hill, the exterior is more durable and less interesting than the other facades.
Well, the countdown is on for the big wedding! Just over a week now. Although the groom and bride are busy, they both seem pretty relaxed (don't ask me how they're doing it!) We're all pretty excited for them.
Monica,I mean Molly is back. We're very proud of her and the help she's been to the Weidner's and the Kocian's, but we're glad to have her back at Camp Daniel. (She was gone so long that Tony forgot her name, and now calls her Monica)

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