Monday, May 3, 2010

This week Tim worked on the tile border in one of the dorm bathrooms. In the pic below, you see the two toilet stalls. The divider wall will be built after the tile is done. In this pic, you can see that Tim has removed the styro forms for the sink holes and cut the circle out of the plywood below as well. This concrete counter still needs to be dyed. We didn't come up with the plan to do concrete counters in the baths until after the red floor was dyed. So we'll dye the counters to match their respective floor. This one will be a little off, as we used up most of the red dye. The remaining counters will all be dyed at the same time as the floor. The tile border continues around the entire bathroom. The border is all that can be tiled until the counter is dyed. (In case you're wondering, the things on the counter are upside down trophies. They're for the winners of the talent show at camp this summer. They come pretty light weight, so we add mortar or adhesive to the base to make the trophy more substantial. Tim had some left over concrete today, so the bases were all filled, then turned over til dry)
Yesterday Tim built the forms for an 8" deep floating shelf for each bathroom. There will be a large mirror above each shelf. It's basically a primping area. There are outlets between the shelf and the mirror for hair dryers, shavers, etc. Notice the nice round edge so that no one (especially one in a wheelchair) can hurt himself on a sharp concrete corner. The concrete was poured today and troweled to a smooth finish. The forms will be taken off tomorrow, and these shelves will be finished with the other concrete.

Tony and the guys have been working this week on building the forms for another concrete pour. This is the last section to be poured, as it will tie into the blacktop that's in front of John and Sue's. We'll be pouring on Thursday.
I don't mention it every week, but the Camp Daniel staff has a meeting every Tuesday morning from 9 am til at least 10:30. With so many people working in so many different areas of ministry, the meetings get everyone up to speed on what's going on. Through all of the communication, lots of decisions are made. After that meeting is done, those directly involved in The Able Church usually meet for about another hour. We often all have lunch together, then off in many different directions. Of course, Able has Family Night on Tuesdays, so Jen, Marceaux and the guys have a short time between the meeting and Able. This week, Chrissy and Karol spent a couple of hours going over new food items that will be added to camp this year. You'd probably be shocked at how much time is involved to just make sure that we have all of the food we need for camp. The calculator always gets a good work out.

This is the grill area behind Tony and Karol's house. This picture was from a few weeks ago when Tony and the guys were still applying rock. Karol, with help from Tony and the guys built this shelf from scrap pieces around the camp. It hides the utilitarian storage area that is under the guys deck. Here you see it in place with the basic paint done.

This pic shows the final distressing/antiquing and some accessories. This shelf makes this area much more of a pleasant place to be.

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