Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday, May 8

Well we poured concrete again on Thursday morning. The path to the lake (below) is now done. We didn't pour all the way to the blacktop, as that would have been too much. So the picture below was the second section we did. The total for this pour was 6 1/2 yards. We'll pour again next week.
No sooner had we put away the concrete tools, and Tony, Tim and the guys started on the craft cabin. The exterior still needs alot of work done. We're hoping that the upcoming work days will give the workers to finish this building. First, there's a lot that Tim and Tony needed to do to get the building to the point that others can work on it. In the pic below you can see the roof that was added on to the right (or back) of the building. This goes less that half of the length of the building, and covers a utilitarian area. It also visually balances the building. When the overhangs, and other details that I don't even know about are done, then volunteers can come in and put up soffit and cedar shakes. The building looks pretty crazy right now because it's so choppy, but we know that it will come together. As a craft cabin it should be a bit whimsical and eccentric, right? On the other end of the building, Tony put up soffit, trim, and wire mesh for the rocks. They still have one more day of work to get this building ready for volunteers.

Karol spend some time every day this week polyurethaning the walls of the dorm room that will be Silver Birch. Since they now all have two coats, the next step in that room is to dye the floors, and counters. Then it'll be on to tile, which there's lots to do. We have to have these two baths done by the time they leave for Africa, so we'll keep working as fast as possible.
Below is the newest addition to the menagerie that is Camp Daniel. Anthony bought a pet corn snake, which he's named "Fang", which is an appropriate name for a snake even though, he's really named after a dog from Harry Potter!

Other notables of the week:
We got new cereal dispensers donated for camp. They won't even crush the corn flakes!
Tony got a new mortar gun for cost. I cannot express how much this tool will help. Think about all of the rock on the facades of the buildings, well thus far, all of the mortar that's between the rocks, was hand squeezed in with a heavy duty pastry bag. It's very tiring on the hands and quite time consuming.
Molly is back! Micah Weidner is done with school, so she'll be back to full time at Camp Daniel.
Tim Mandich has been learning a lot about the financial workings of Camp Daniel from Tony Sr.
Able has lots of fun things in the works, including a summer picnic, and a fall Oktoberfest.
After much research and phone calls, Karol is close to having the top layer that will finish the bocce ball court. We've narrowed it down to a baseball inflield mix (in Waupaca) and granite fines (Milwaukee area).

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