Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18

We had a work day last Saturday. They were a quality crew from a church in Appleton. All work was done on the exterior of the craft cabin. The main thing was putting up the split cedar shakes. In the pic below, you can see that he's putting up the shakes around a white rectangle. We are going to eventually name this building (going to the highest bidder, if you're interested!! :) ), so this is where a sign will be with the name and logo.
The utilitarian overhang got a tongue and groove ceiling and standing seam metal walls (which is the roofing material). Now has an attractive and durable finish.

more shakes! For anyone who's had the pleasure of staining some of these beauties, you can really appreciate how many shakes are needed.

It's really coming together around here!
The weather's warmed quite a bit and we're doing a lot of outside work. Molly's done a ton of weeding, as has Jo. Jo and Tony are putting out all of tables, chairs and benches down by the lake. Karol took advantage of the lack of wind and spray painted a bunch of craft stuff for camp.
Tony and Anthony are up north for the day after opening day of fishing. Jen and Marceaux are quite busy with wedding stuff and today, his family got here from Montana. Tim's been doing a roofing job in Green Bay.

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