Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday, October 30

The continuing progress of Megarusalem... check out the cool wicker window coverings in the upper windows of the wine shop. Tony found them in a storage room. Just two big rectangles of wicker that happen to fit perfectly! The grout is done on the masonry below. The well, below, is also bricked and mortared. The flanking walls have patches of stucco coming off to reveal rock below that was faux finished to match the rock of the well.

Here, you see the back wall of the well. The center piece is a 12" square rock mosaic in a circular shape. The pipe for the fountain will come out of the center of it. On the surrounding walls is the color blocking for the mural.
Below are the guys as they were starting on the boat. These two pieces are quite large, but are just a fraction of the original boat. On Tuesday afternoon-evening, Tony, Tim, John and the guys went north of Menominee Michigan to get the boat. They cut away just the parts that we needed, and were able to leave the remaining boat in place. (It helped that "in place" was a burn pile.) The owners of the boat were planning to burn it, so they were happy to help, and we were happy to get the perfect boat. The guys ended up working well into the dark to get the parts cut away (via chainsaw) from the boat. I wasn't there, but the stories are good enough, that I wish we had a video of the process. I know there was yelling and running away, and Richard almost didn't run far enough...
Oh yea, there's still plenty of work to do at Camp Daniel before the snow flies. Wed, Thurs, and Friday, Tim, Nick and Brian worked on the porch for the Craft Cabin. They set the posts, they got many of the trusses set, and even metal roofing over the far end.
They also insulated the pump house.

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