Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, October 22

Since so many of us, here at Camp Daniel, are working hard at Living Hope Church, on the Megarusalem town square, I thought I'd share pictures of the progress.

The room wasn't being used for much other than playing a few ball games with the kids on Wednesday nights, so it's being transformed for the new Wednesday night Mega program, called Mega Creative Labs. It will be a hands on, out of the box, biblical learning experience for k-6 graders. Megarusalem is a biblical town, complete with bakery, wine shop, rug shop, money exchange, basket store, town well and fishing boat off of the sea.

above is the city well

above: on the right, you see the main doors into the room. To the left of that is the wine shop

above: the city well

above: the bakery

above; on the right, the wine shop. Behind marceaux is the rug vendor

above, working on the money changer and the basket weaver's

above, you see that the wine shop has been plastered. We tinted the plaster on some of the buildings with universal colorant

above: this long wall, behind the city well, will eventually have a mural on it of the sea

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