Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 27

Megarusalem continues...
Below is the money exchanger. Notice the dark stripe on the lower outer corner? That's the tinted plaster, still wet. Quite a color change from wet to dry. Below is the city well and the wall that will have the mural. In this pic, Tim as given it the final smooth coat of plaster.
The money exchanger getting some cool masonry work, by Tony.

Tim Mandich, sittin' on the job. I must add, that he was priming the ceiling as well.

Below is the wine shop with most of the masonry done. The plaster on this building was tinted yellow. It was the first one, so the batches weren't consistent, but the look ended up being pretty cool. So it'll probably just get a coat of "dirty".

The money exchanger another step into the process. On the adjacent building, you can see the neat wood door that Tony made. Some doors will be curtains. Above the door, you can see a white patch. That was where some of the plaster chipped off before it was fully cured, so a patch job was done. We like the authenticity of it, as the town shouldn't look too shiny and new.

You can see the black ceiling. What a fun job that was. Eventually, the lights will be blacked out as well, but for now, we need them to see.

The money exchanger with a faux finish on the upper wall and an area for the sign. This building has been dirtied up already.

This facade is really coming along. The wood trellised windows are fun. The hole on the top right will be for the time machine. The finish on this building is on step 3 of 5 I believe.

The city well, with masonry detailing. The back wall has been primed.
the building on the left is almost done and the small corner facade has a faux finish different than the rest of the buildings.

Tony, putting the joints in on some of the masonry work.

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