Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20

Here's what's been happening since the last post.
No big surprise, in that Saturday was a work day at Camp Daniel. Brian and Dave came from Living Hope Church. They worked with Tim installing drywall in the dorms, running electric and starting on the heater in the craft cabin. Crystal Johnson,who was spending the weekend with Jen and Molly, helped out. Charlie Welsch also drove up to help. We were pleasantly surprised too, when Johanna and Julia Axelrod pulled in, as it was a planting work day. Johanna is a master gardener (plus a really fast and efficient planter!) We had 140 plants from Green Bay Nursery to get into the ground (not counting the large trees). It took Karol most of the day just to inventory, organize, identify and place the plants. We ended up getting all but about 30 planted on Saturday. Chrissy single handily made a great lunch for everyone.
Johanna came back on Monday and helped Karol get the rest into the ground. Tony, the guys, and Tim planted the large trees on Monday and Tuesday. It was quite an undertaking, but they all look quite fabulous. The trees were beautiful specimens, not just clearance, half dead stuff that no one would want. Thank you Green Bay Nursery!! One of the tricks now is going to be finding all of these plants and keeping them watered this fall.
Dave Detloff came back today finished installing the heater in the craft cabin. As things so often go, that was a much larger job, than it originally seemed. Thankfully, it's one more thing checked off the "must be done before the snow flies" list.
Marceaux has been working on trailer lights and getting the heavy equipment going this week. Jen is still filling in for another therapist in Pound. Molly left on Sunday to visit with the folks. Pastor John is stilll recovering from the flu he picked up last week when in Minnesota. Thankfully, he hasn't shared it with anyone here.

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