Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday Sept 21, Tuesday Sept 22

Little Tony did a lot of talking on Monday. He had a long meeting with Pastor John. Then Pastor Jerry and Steve Hays came to Camp Daniel to give Steve a tour and basic understanding of what Camp Daniel is. This brought him straight into the time to drive to Menominee, MI to speak at the Tri-County Women's club. Cherylee Hamilton invited him and Karol for dinner and a one hour presentation of what Camp Daniel is all about. The dozen women in attendance, were very receptive and interested in all that they heard. We are anxious to see what fruits may come of this, and we, as always, appreciate all that Cherylee Hamilton has done, and continues to do for Camp Daniel.

The Camp Daniel staff family had their weekly meeting for the better part of the morning.
Afterwards, Tim put up shelved in Molly and Jen's place. Marceaux worked on a tractor tune up. Karol did some gardening to prepare for winter. Of course, since it was Tuesday, many were off to Able's family night and Special Olympics bowling practice.

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