Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday September 2

Here's a picture of the concrete form that Richard worked on yesterday. On the left is the bocce court with the sidewalk form coming straight out from it to the walkway. The remaining area will be grass. This is what it looked like early today in front of the craft cabin. The line of stakes represent where the future patio/deck area will be. As you can see, it will run more than the full length of the building. This area will add lots of usable square footage for outside lounging and crafting.
Same area, but the stakes and pea gravel are gone. Little Tony is on the bulldozer making the way for the future 8' concrete walking path. (it will join up with the end which is currently in front of the bocce court, poured earlier this summer) The new path curves much further away from the building, then angles back to the old road (to the right of the pine tree)

Molly moved in with Jen today! And Marceaux had a good first day on the job at Northern Automotive.

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