Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today, Little Tony and the guys worked on getting the concrete forms ready for tomorrow. In front of the craft cabin, the patio area will be extended an additional 8 feet. Later the roof of the porch will be redone to extend to the edge. You can also see in the pic below, that the retaining wall was continued further. The road will now curve away from the building, instead of going straight in front of it. (Of course, it's not a road, but an eight foot wide luxury sidewalk) This pic shows where the sidewalk will extend to for this round of concrete. Also, last week Tim and the guys dug holes for the posts that will be needed, and put sonotubes in them. The concrete will be poured into those as well. The posts will be for the decking that will connect the patio in the above pic to the patio that's outside the bathroom doors on the north side of the building.
Jen, Marceaux and Karol spend the entire morning unpacking all of the stuff from family camp. It seemed to have multiplied over the weekend. There was the entire carnival, leftover food, kitchen hardwares, tents, sound equipment, etc, etc.
Tim worked in the craft cabin putting up shelving and closet poles, and getting ready to build the wall cabinets in the kitchen areas. Jen and Molly need all of the storage they can get!
Jen, Molly, Marceaux, John and Sue all went to Able bible study tonight. It was the first one of the season.

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