Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Some days just aren't very glamorous. In the picture above are two buses that were donated earlier this summer for busing ministries at Able and Mega. In the foreground is a box truck that was also donated as a place for storage. Tim and the guys loaded the walking in cooler and freezer wall panels into it. They were also able to fit camp mattresses and a few other miscellaneous items. The remaining work time over these days was filled with moving and organizing tools and materials. If you've been here for a work day, you may get a grasp on the magnitude of such an undertaking. When Tim was in Green Bay for youth group on Wednesday evening, he went to Home Depot for some materials, and while there was happy to see that they'd just received a shipment of maple trees. He bought eight. They were only $20 each and at least 10' tall.
On Tuesday, Little Tony, Karol, Annissa and Anthony went to Green Bay for dentist appointments. They stayed the day, then after Able bible study, Karol, Jen and Little Tony left for Gurnee, where they spent the night at Karol's dad's home. Wednesday, Jen and Little Tony went to a get together of leaders from different disability ministries at O'Hare airport. They had a good time of sharing with others encountering many of the same challenges and blessings that full time disability ministry holds. They all returned to Camp Daniel late Thursday afternoon, which left the Piantine's with time to get a list together of everything that needs to be done before the snow flies, do a few loads of laundry, help the kids with homework and unpack from the days away.

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