Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday June 26

Well this was the last of the super long days for this project. Everyone was a little low on steam today, but many things did get done. Tim, then Little Tony worked on the recycled drinking fountain (thanx Cornerstone Church!) It was mounted on the exterior of the Craft Cabin between the two bathrooms.
Speaking of bathrooms, the sink is finally done. Tim installed the sink, refitted the drawers (the plumbing took up a bunch of room) and put on the hardware. For the finishing touch, Karol enhanced the stones for that ooh la la "wet look." The shower in this bath gave Tim a run for his money, and thus far the shower is winning. But that part can wait. Tim and Karol ripped the barn boards that will be used as the chair rail. They decided to move the chair rail down about 5 inches so that it doesn't intersect with the stone backsplash. This required a quick repaint job of a 5 inch strip around the bathroom.

In the morning, Karol, Anthony and Big Anthony (DiBiase) went to Karol's dad's cabin to get rocks. He has big granite boulders from digging a basement a few years back. A tractor and some help from Big Anthony got the boulders onto the trailer for a short ride back to Camp Daniel. This rocks were so big and heavy that 6 was about all that was safe to carry on the trailer at once. Two trips were needed in the end. Getting them into place involved the forks being moved close together on the Skidsteer, and, of course, some help from Big Anthony.

Two more pallets of sod down. Yea!! It looks great. Nothing quite like the instant gratification of sod. Now it's water, water, water. With the main projects winding down, we were left with lots of construction mess. Tony Sr, Jo and Chrissy cleaned out the snack stand to get it looking good for the church picnic. The guys hauled away the 2x4s from the concrete forms, wheelbarrels full of sticks and debris from the topsoil, and lots of tools.
During lunch Don (the guy that made the tables for the snack stand, etc) came with tables he just finished for the lakeside patio area. The kids helped Karol out today by testing two 5 gallon buckets full of plastic ducks that were donated for the carnival. They were separated into floaters and sinkers. George and Rudy even caught two bunnies.

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