Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today, Renee and Bart Lubinski came for a work day. They worked on the exterior of the Craft Cabin. They nailed on tyvek wrap, put up trim and edging, then started putting on the cedar shakes. Little Tony and the guys put the retaining block on the edge of the new path and made a wheelchair ramp to the upper area. This involved a lot of back fill of gravel and sand. Also, Tony started mortaring cement block behind the Craft Cabin where there'll be a shed overhang.
Tim finished prepping the exterior of the Craft Cabin so that work can begin tomorrow mortaring on the rocks. He also prepped the water fountain, and (let's face reality) had some fun on the skidsteer that we're borrowing for the week.
Nancy and Tom List also came out for the workday today. Nancy went to town on priming and painting the 2x4's for the exterior trim. Tom helped Tim and the guys with the block work and back fill. Tonight they're sleeping at Jo and Tony Sr's.
After dinner, Eli and Dave, from Black River Falls, arrived for tomorrow's workday. They'll be sleeping upstairs tonight and tomorrow.
Karol and her sister, Janice, made lunch and dinner for all of the workers. Also, they worked on craft projects for camp, went thru theme night stuff, carnival prizes and camp awards.

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