Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday June 14

We're back! Sorry we missed so many days. The blogbreak is over.


Today was Mega. John played a bible character today, Little Tony ran the computers and DVD's and Tim ran sound. After church, DJ, Marceaux, the Koch's and the Kelly's went to the Mandich's for a graduation party. Little Tony worked in the office, Jen left for two weeks of Joni and Friends camp in Illinois.At 6 all gathered at the Camp Daniel lakefront for our weekly dinner to talk about things going on this week. After everyone went home, Little Tony headed back to the office to work on camper/counselor matchups.

Saturday was the Living Hope Church community picnic. It was a great success and many new families came for the free blowup things, food and fun. Some came back for Mega and "grown up church" (That's what those who do Mega every week call the service in the sanctuary) John, Jen, Sue and the guys manned an Able booth to promote Camp Daniel and Able events. The Mega Micro Mini bus was there playing music. Annissa, and her friend Ruth did face painting for the kids. Karol ran in the Bellin 10K run in the morning, with Little Tony's cousins, Becky and Tim ( and by "with", I mean "behind"). After the run and a shower, it was off to the picnic for a brat and chips. Camp Daniel was happy to let the church ministries use the cotton candy and sno cone machines. They make every event better!

Last week Tim buffed down the concrete countertops. They are almost done. More info/pics to follow. He also trimmed out the large bath. Marceaux finally got his part from California and had the Mega van running. yea!!


  1. Wow. I am exhausted just reading this stuff. Take care of yourselves, Karol and Tony. You will be needed for the long run. I love what you're doing and I love that you are part of our church and even more, a part of our family. Blessings, guys!

  2. It was fun Karol! Let's do it again next year:)