Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23

This morning Little Tony, Karol and the guys finished all of the prep work for a concrete pour. Just before lunch, Karol, Nick, Anthony and Tommy headed to Athelstane to fill up all of the empty fuel containers and salvage some aged boards from an old shack that we'll take down entirely later this summer. The boards will be used as molding in the "rock" bathroom. Tim and John brought many loads of sand to the pour site using the skidsteer and dump truck, while the forms were being finished and the beds leveled, compacted and wet down. The concrete truck came at about 3 o'clock. As you can see in the pics below, we poured half of the total job, and in sections. The other half will be poured tomorrow, weather permitting.

Afterwards, Karol left for Green Bay to pick up Anthony DiBiase from the airport. (He'll be here till sometime during the 3rd week of camp!) We're all excited to have him here again this summer.
The guys worked some by the lakefront, which ended, refreshingly, in the lake. What a hot hot hot hot day.

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