Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tony, John, Jen, Tim and Marceuax finally arrived home last night at 11PM from The Special Touch camp up in Alexandria Minnesotta. It was a great week of ministry and growth for all of them. Tim and Marceaux where both counselors. Tim took care of Curt who is in his 20's. Curt had a brain trauma as a youngster and is mentally disabled as well as physically disabled. marceauxs camper was Shannon who also has a brain trauma due to fever as an infant. Both of their campers where in need of total care. Tim and Marceaux recieved much from their time serving. The rest of the crew had an opportunity to do chapel services for people with a lower functioning mental ability. This opportunity helps the C amp Daniel team in learning more about reaching a group of people with gospel who have unique needs when it comes to learning. All where stretched and grew and brought home some new ideas and thoughts on the ministry.
The time in was also a time catch up with many old friends.
Tony, Jon and Jen Spent much time on what will become a process that could take many years to translate the new testament into a language of understanding for people with mental disabilities. This process began a few years ago when Tony and John went to Florida and met with some leaders with Wycliff about the possibilities of this. Since then they have worked on how it will be done as well as a format for it.
Saturday morning saw the delivery of 2000 Sq. Ft of cultured stone for many of the buildings at Camp Daniel. One of the guys helping with the delivery was an excavator and offered his services to us. He wants to donate time to the work. This could not have come at a better time as the opportunity for a donation of building septics for the dorms fell through and are really needed. God always provides and always when He sees it is needed!
After unloading the stone Tony, Karol, the kids and Richard, Nick, Brian and DJ left for a vacation to Chicago for 5 days. Although there was a breakdown of the Suburban they where going to borrow, they found rental vehicle that could sit 8 people after a search. please pray for the opportunity to get an 8 passenger vehicle for them. The guys picked places they wanted to go this week; museums, planetarium, Sears Tower, on a boat ride etc... So it will be a great vacation for the whole family.
Tony Sr. has been working on camp replies for campers this week as next week acceptance and rejection letters begin to be mailed out. Jo has been cleaning, stocking and getting the nurses trailer ready for camp. Jen and marceaux where off to wedding in Rhinelander. Jen's week was especially tuff last week as her grandmother died as Jen was enroute to camp. Jen returned to green bay for the funeral last Wednesday and then made the 9 hour trip right back to the camp for the last two days of ministry. Pray for Jen as she misses her grandmother whom she lived with over the few years, taking care of her. Also pray for Jen as prepares to head of to the Joni and Friends retreat for people with disabilities for another 2 weeks of ministry.
Look foward to the coming post of pictures from everyone week of camp last week.

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