Saturday, June 20, 2009


Eli and Dave came Thursday night from Black River Falls. They got to work right away on Friday. Dave worked on the electric in the dorms all day and Rick Bub Came over to help him out. They finished up the electric in both dorms and installed temporary lights. Eli worked with the Camp Daniel crew. Below, Little Tony and Tim layed the block for the shed overhang, behind the Craft Cabin. Below, Eli rocked the face of this wall. He mortared the joints as he went along. We had a little on and off rain, hence the tarp. Tony and the guys worked on more retaining wall to define all of the areas. Plus they got all of it backfilled. Ricj Bub brought over his skidsteer for us to use for a week or two! Little Tony put it to use right away and distributed about 15 pallets of rock and retaining wall that was delivered last week for the Illinois work group that will be coming later this summer. Thanks to the sale of the old little red tractor Camp Daniel now has a fund to purchase a skidsteer. There is now $4000 in it! When we get enough we will find one with a bucket, forks, and a snowblower.
The construction went well into the night with the lights coming out and fin ally with everyone pitching in the cultured stone was finished at about 10:15 PM. Chrissy and Karol spent a couple of hours today going over the immense grocery list for camp. It's coming faster than any of us are prepared for!! Little Tony and Papa Tony spent an hour that night finishing up camper and counselor matches. Papa Tony can send out all the acceptance letters he has ben working on this week.

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