Monday, June 15, 2009


Today was a full day on the Camp Daniel grounds
In the morning, Little Tony and the guys finished getting the concrete forms ready for a 10 yard pour. Tim caulked the molding in the large bath of the craft cabin, and Karol filled the nail holes. Afterwards, they worked with the ever-fun epoxy grout. Grouting the stone sink top in the small Craft Cabin bath, and the outdoor tables that Karol rescued from the St. Vinnie's store. Chrissy brought the Kelly kids out to Camp Daniel where she could work on a grant and the kids could swim and play.
After lunch John cut the grass. The concrete crew waited for the truck... Karol cleaned up the sink/dresser by staining the worn areas, then put on the new hardware. Still no concrete truck... Karol put mulch on the garden in front of the guys house. Still no concrete truck... Tim starts cleaning tools out of the Craft Cabin. Finally, 10 yards of concrete pull in.

The first section: by the Bait Shop

Second: Patio outside craft cabin

Third: continuation of main lakeside path.
The crew worked hard, and two hours later, they were putting finishing touches all three poured areas.


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