Saturday, May 9, 2009

craft cabin - drywall on

Today Tim brought McKenna and Tommy over to play with Annissa and Anthony while he worked on the Craft Cabin. He installed trim, a sink, a mirror, did more plumbing (does that job ever end?) and got setup to lay tile next week. Tony Sr. went to our local sawmill and purchased the wood needed to finish the Craft Cabin. Little Tony, Jen, Marceaux, and John had a meeting of the minds to work out themes and teaching points for this summer's camps. Karol painted trim for the Craft Cabin and laid out the "river" that will be installed in the floor of the exterior bathroom. She made a template that will hopefully help Tim with all of the curved cutting that will need to be done in the tile installation. Karol also worked on getting Outlook contacts list to Tony's computer. No luck so far. Richard, Nick, and Brian moved dirt from an old garden by the Craft cabin. They also helped Little Tony break up the old concrete boat ramp. The plan is to use much of the pieces in some new landscaping by the Hartley House. The guys also helped Tim in the Craft Cabin with all the projects he was up to. They also worked with Jen cleaning the showers in the two Craft Cabin bathrooms.

we'll post more recent pics, but first you need to see where we were to appreciate where we're goin'!

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