Sunday, May 24, 2009


The Kelly's, the Piantine's, the guys, Jen and Marceaux all went to Mega this morning. After church, Tim held a missions trip meeting for those from Living Hope Church that will be coming to Camp Daniel's third week this summer. Even with it being a holiday weekend, there was still a good turnout for the meeting. Everyone at Camp Daniel is looking forward to that week.

This evening we all gathered again, this time at the Kelly's home, for the weekly Sunday dinner. We discussed what's going on in the coming week. The DePere parade is tomorrow. Then it'll be crunch time to get Jen into the Craft Cabin before she, Tim, Little Tony, Marceaux and John leave for Special Touch's Minnesota camp on Sunday.

After getting back from the Kelly's, Marceaux, the guys and Little Tony got the Mega Micro Bus, "Mega Mac" loaded onto the trailer and ready to go for a 6 am departure. Karol painted banners for the parade. It's 10:15, and LT's working on the music for the parade tomorrow. Any further developments tonight will have to be shared on tomorrow's blog.

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