Sunday, May 31, 2009


The devil just doesn't give up. Doesn't he know that we've got his number? Right before most any missions trip, he amps up distractions to get our focus off God and what He has in store, and it seems as though the more distractions the better the week will be. That being said, the Camp Daniel missionaries are in for a super special week at Special Touch camp for people with disabilities! Tony, John and Jen are morning chapel speakers and worship, Tim and Marceaux will both get there opportunity to be counselors for the first time. 
Here's a summary of recent antics. Tim. He worked at Camp Daniel part of the day on Saturday, then went home to install a hot water heater and pack for camp. Problems with the install, then a phone call that his mom severely broke her arm, and he was off to the hospital in Green Bay where he spent a few hours while mom was in surgery. He then went back home to finish that hot water heater. A leak and much aggravation later, it was 2am. This morning he got up early to go to the store to get a part and finish the hot water heater. Oh yea, he still has to pack. Oh yea, mom is still in the hospital and is having nausea from the general anesthesia. Oh yea, he runs the sound board at Mega and needs to be there at 9am. All those things don't fit! Thanx Doug to run sound so Tim can miss church! Pack, drop kids off at Mega and go to the hospital to help mom get home and all situated. Finally, at about 11:30 the devil has run out of tricks.

Then there's Jen. Her Grandma, with whom she lived with and take care of for the last  2 years, is in her last days here on earth. So Jen has been bombarded with emotions and decisions to be made about leaving on this missions trip. She also has the stress of Marceaux being a counselor for the first time at a camp for people with disabilities. She made the decision to go and after only 5 hours on the road she got the call that grandma had died. She continued on the trip but will return Wednesday for the funeral. Tony and John will drive her to St. Cloud about 75 miles on wednesday to hitch a ride with her cousin back to Green Bay.

Even Little Tony had much stress this morning with running behind due to the MEGA video that he had to film not working right (no sound).

Pastor John taught Sunday School and then they all had a meeting after church with a LHC team discussing the possibilities of a feeding ministry such as a food pantry or meal site. They Got on the road at about 1:30

Long story short, please pray for the Camp Daniel missionaries that are at camp in Minnesota this week, that they stay focused on all God has in store for them.
The crew arrived safely at the camp in Alexandria, Minnesota at about 11PM. All tired and ready for bed. Orientation does not begin till 10 Am so they can al sleep in!.

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