Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tim and Karol toiled with the epoxy grout in the two bathrooms of the Craft Cabin. Hard to believe that this grout job could possibly take that long or be that much work! They kept Nick busy bringing buckets of clean water. The epoxy grout will last forever, and not stain, so it'll be worth it in the end.

Little Tony, Richard and Brian broke up the old concrete boat launch by the lake. The removal of it will help with beach erosion and will make way for a new path.
Marceaux got some parts for the Micro Mega Bus, and continued work on it.
John and Sue came back from MN
Chrissy came out to Camp Daniel in the morning and did some work in the office getting organized. She came back with the kids after school and all of the CD missionaries had the weekly dinner. They covered highlights from the prior week, and plans for the coming week. It's a lot a people to keep organized as far as who's going where a doing what each day of the week. John shared some funny stories and had everyone laughing. A great beginning to what will hopefully be a great week!

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