Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Karol & Little Tony went to Green Bay for the day. Karol shopped for camp and some things needed for the Craft Cabin. Tony had meetings at Living Hope Church. They also bought shrubs for the Camp Daniel grounds.
Tim, Karol and Tony met with some of Karol's clients interested in more design work in their home
Tim had meetings at Living Hope Church in preparation for the Living Hope Church picnic.
Marceaux continued work on the Mega Micro Bus, bringing the engine roaring to life!! Now he is waiting the for brakes to come in so we can stop.
John mowed and trimmed most of the day.
In the evening, Tim and Chrissy help lead the youth group at Living Hope Church.


Little Tony and the guys worked on the lakefront. They fixed the eroded areas and expanded the beach. They put in sod and planted all the bushes they bought yesterday.
Karol bought about 30 plants for the Camp Daniel grounds at a plant sale in Grover. aka "The Crazy Plant Sale." Nick and Brian came along. They were a three-man team with a serious plan of attack.
Tony did some maintenance on the tractor
Karol also got some things done for camp, like finalizing the menu.
Tim plumbed the large bath in the Craft Cabin and cleaned up along with Jen, in the main room of the Craft Cabin in order to install the cupboards on Saturday.
John finished mowing and trimming.
Sue left for Minnesota. She'll be watching the grandkids for a few days.
Tony Sr worked on the books in his newly updated quickbooks program.
Jen worked on her missionary newsletter.
Julia Axelrod, former CD intern visited in the evening. Julia is looking for a job in Minneapolis with a non profit doing advocacy work for people with disabilities, if anyone has a connection call us!
Jeff Olsen came over to borrow the CD sound system for a camp out for his off roading club.


The guys continued work on the lakefront, including the daily watering of the area of newly planted grass and the over 100 trees and shrubs planted this spring. Karol did some garage saling. The prize of the day was a pair of wooden water skis that will used for display in the Bait Shop. She also bought a pile of 45 records to decorate with on Fifties night at camp.
Little Tony, Tony Sr. and Jo drove to Waupaca, WI to attend the funeral of Ona Heuser. She and her husband Darwin where their pastors for almost 20 years in Illinois. Ona is also Larry Campbells (Speaker at CD) Aunt. The Heusers estate made a donation to CD which is the beginning of the what will be Heuser Chapel at Camp Daniel.
Jen and Marceaux took the guys to The Able Church.
John left for Minnesota. He'll be staying with Corrie in Rochester.
Karol planted many of the plants purchased in the past few days. Still many to plant though!
Friday night is Able Church night. Jen, Marceaux, and the guys went down. Marceaux taught for the first time on a Friday night. Pastor John left for Rochester and His daughter Corrie's house early in the morning.

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