Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday May 15, Saturday May 16

Friday & Saturday

Karol and Chrissy both went on school fields. Karol and Anthony went to the NEW Zoo and Chuck E Cheese's. Chrissy and Kaden went to the Children's museum in Appleton. After school, they all headed to Green Bay to help out with the Figureheads hip hop concert. Of course, Tony and Tim had been at church for the the last 3 days. They organized breakfast and all of the other logistics at Living Hope for the teacher seminar with Vicki Seilaf from Living Hope Church, that the Figureheads did that morning. 60 teachers from Green Bay Public Schools participated at the Church. It was an awesome event. After that event was over, it was time to get ready for the concert that would start at 6:30. They set up chairs and redid a bunch of sound system stuff and hung out with the Figureheads.

The concert was a hit. We all had a lot of fun. DJ even got to work with the group to play harmonica on one of their songs! There was about 200 people there. Many from the Able Church, and many people who'd never been to Mega. Hopefully, some will come regularly.

Thankfully, today (Saturday) was a bit more low key. Karol did some gardening for a couple hours this morning, til it got too cold. Tim got things ready to grout the baths this coming week. Tony worked on the computer making a dvd for Living Hope Church's Family Camp, and he also worked on video for Mega.

Jen worked the guys today. They pulled nails from all of the wood that Little Tony had taken off of the Craft Cabin's exterior and moved it to storage and the burn pile. She also entered counselor information into the computer for this coming summer. Marceaux was back at trying to hook up everything in The MEGA Mini Bus, he only has week to have it running for the Memorial Day parade in Green Bay.

John and Sue took off to Minneapolis.

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  1. You and the crew are an inspiration to me and a blessing to the Body. We are blessed by, and because of you.