Friday, May 8, 2009

Tonight was the Able Church Cookout in Green Bay; Pastor John , Sue, Jen, Marceaux, Richard, Nick, DJ, and Brian all where there. Concrete block, mortar and 2x4's where delivered for the Craft Cabin remodel. Little Tony worked on a new donated water pump and lighting for the new dock area. Tim and Chrissy went to Green Bay to get building supplies for the craft cabin and dorms. Karol painted one of the newly remodeled bathrooms in the Craft Cabin and laid out tile that Tim will install in the morning. Tony Sr. Worked on the finances. Little Tony worked on brochures, printing and making copies of the Camp Daniel Promo video. The guys watered trees and new grass and worked on cleaning the beach. Visitors came and committed to building tables for the new lakefront patio. Friends came over to borrow tables and chairs for a graduation party. 

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