Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm sooo sleepy, but this sucker is sooo yummy! No Charlie Brown moves here.
How cute are they?

This was a fun version of potato sack races.

Anthony and Annissa in a water balloon toss. I think Anthony got a wet leg on this one.

Today Little Tony and family went to the Family First picnic at Pamperin Park in Green Bay. Living Hope Church has definitely raised up some great leaders for this ministry. The highlights included a devotional, fun family games, lots of food, and fellowship. Many new families came out for the event, too! Lots of brochures were handed out to people in the park, so we're excited to see where those could lead.

Tim worked in the Craft Cabin some today before going home to get ready to leave for camp tomorrow. He prepped the dresser that will be used as a sink base in the small Craft Cabin bath (the one with the riverbed). Karol's plan is to complete the tiled top while the guys are gone, which sounds great, "in theory". Time will tell. Tim also put in the floor vent in the large bath which will provide additional heat, supplementing the electric baseboard heater. He probably did other stuff that I didn't notice as well. Presently, Tim is in Green Bay at St. Mary's with his mom, whom broke her wrist. We're praying for her.


  1. like that version of the sack race!

  2. Great pictures Karol! It really was a fun event!!