Friday, May 29, 2009


Another busy day on the grounds at Camp Daniel! Little Tony got back on the bulldozer this morning to continue shaping the earth. He pulled out two large pine trees that were in the way of future patio and road. Just before lunch he got a heavy hydraulic leak. Little Tony and Tim got it fixed after lunch, so he "dozed" most of the afternoon. Tim poured the concrete countertop today. The guys had to bring the concrete in by the 5 gallon bucket full. It took __ bags of ready mix to do the entire countertop. It set up all day. At 9:00pm he's still working the cream to the top to smooth the surface.

Karol did some planting (still not done), painted the front door, put on outlet covers, cleaned up after Tim's concrete leakage, and helped Little Tony and Tim with planning the area being bulldozed. It never ceases to amaze how much planning needs to be done early on in a project. Everything affects a dozen other things, and many decisions need to be made every day that will affect something else down the road. It's a good thing that we pool our brain power together, as to not forget any subtleties, nuances or details.
Chrissy did data entry today for the counselors that will be coming to camp this summer.
John was in Green Bay all day, and did Able Fellowship tonight.

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