Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday, Little Tony and Tim had some struggles, but they did manage to get the Mega Micro Bus to Green Bay for the Figureheads concert. The Figureheads are a hip hop group out of Milwaukee Wi. The Figureheads are missionaries, who go into public schools and teach students that they are born for a reason and also teach teachers how to reach students who have different needs in learning all through their music. The Figureheads are scheduled for 3 school assemblies tommarow and then a teachers training in the MEGA Center on Friday morning, and then the big concert hosted by The Able Church Friday eve. 
Tony and Tim worked on finishing the installation of the super sound system and 42" flat screen TV in the MEGA bus. (Eat your heart out Mystery Machine!) Jen's cousin Chris helped them  and that only took til 3am. Oh yea, they also had to meet up with the Figureheads (band doing the hip hop concert at Mega) when they got in at about 11pm. After a short night sleeping in the church it was up bright and early to be at Helen Keller School at 7:30 am. The Figureheads did three assemblies there today. It was an awesome time of reaching out to the community and connecting with others in ministry. Tony and Tim brought the MEGA Bus which talked to all the kids throughout the day. The kids loved talking to a van!

Yesterday Karol tried to get caught up on lots of things needing done, and all was going well until it was time to work on a computer. Can you hear the progress coming to a screaching halt? Who needs address labels anyways?

Yesterday John and Marceaux went to Menominee MI to check out a donation of a box truck that is needed for storage. They also got a load of mulch from the cedar fence guys at Machalk.
When they got back, Richard and his crew got straight to unloading the full load of mulch, so that Karol could hook up the trailer to the pickup.

This morning, Karol and Chrissy headed off bright and early to load up on food for camp and work days at the food bank in Omro. (with detours to drop off Marceaux at Jen's parents, and to Helen Keller school to drop off Micah (no kids are allowed at food bank)) Got back to Camp Daniel at about 2:30 and unloaded and organized the food in the snack stand.

Tony Sr. and Jo flew out to Pennsylvania today to visit family. They'll be back on Tuesday.

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